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Is your child struggling in school? Not making growth towards grade level standards? Do you walk out of meetings for your child unsure if they are receiving the services, supports and/or accommodations they need? Are you aware of all the services available for your child’s needs or their educational rights?

If it’s a challenge to answer any of these questions or any question you may have regarding your child’s education, schedule a FREE 30 minute call with a Special Education “insider” advocate and tutor to discuss your situation and  help you create a plan for your child’s educational success. 

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Nicole Miller

Owner/Advocate & Tutor

I’ve been a special education teacher for 12 years. I absolutely LOVE teaching all children of all abilities levels. I have had experience teaching grades 1st – 8th. Tutoring has been a natural progression for me so I can still do what I love, but also spend more time with my family. I always have a driving need to help people. So for me, it also felt like a natural progression to use my 10 years of knowledge and experience as a special educator to help parents navigate through the often confusing and overwhelming world of special education and 504 services as an advocate. My heart goes out to parents who don’t understand how to advocate for their child’s needs when “the system” puts up walls. I have learned that sometimes all parents have to do is ask the right question, or push just a little, and they get what their child needs. However, I have also found most parents are so unfamiliar with special education and the resources that are available, they just don’t even know where to start. Especially if their child is not yet on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 plan. So as a result, I am now a special education advocate, trainer and tutor. As a tutor, I look forward to continuing to build the reading and math skills of struggling students. As an advocate, I look forward to helping parents understand and teach them how to work with the system to help their child receive the services and supports that they need in order to be successful at school. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. I offer a free 30 minute consultation session. It’s not a gimmick, it’s not a way to hook you in. It is my way to try and give you advice and help on what you need, and only IF you need my services after that, we can discuss what that entails. I have helped many parents just in 30 minutes and gave them the peace of mind or the tools to help their struggling child in school. So please don’t hesitate to reach out when it feels like your not getting the answers you need from the school. I am here to help! 


My son, who is in the 3rd grade, has high functioning Autism and as well as Apraxia. He came to Mrs. Miller’s class without knowing more than a few letters, no sounds, and not being able to read at all. Mrs. Miller put together a reading intervention plan for him. She took the next step, to make sure my son succeeded, and taught me as a parent the same skills she uses to teach him so I can help him at home as well. My son now knows all his letter sounds, letter names, and is reading at a mid-first grade level. Even though Mrs. Miller is no longer my son’s teacher in school, we have continued to go to Mrs. Miller as my son’s tutor. Mrs. Miller’s accomplishments with my son’s academics have been phenomenal. Mrs. Miller has achieved a great deal with my son, and as a special needs parent, I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress he as made. Mrs. Miller has been such an inspiration and encouragement to both my son and I. Mrs. Miller has shown us that anything is possible with the right tools and guidance. 

Robin W.

Nicole Miller began working with my child on phonics and reading fluency in May 2016 when my child was age 8.75. During that first summer we met 4x weekly for 40 minutes each day, then tapered down to once a week during the school year, then resumed at 3x weekly in summer 2017, then once a week again until January 2018. During this 21 month period my child went from reading at a kindergarten level (as a student near the end of second grade) to reading at or above the current third grade level (which is being repeated at the parents’ request). This was through her practice of specialized reading interventions (also being received at school, but not in the summers). I really think it was in my child’s time with Nicole that my child was able to drill down on decoding/phonics skills with the lessons she provided. My child, now age 9.5, was diagnosed with moderate autism just after my child’s 6th birthday and with ADHD at age 9. My child has difficulties with maintaining attention and focus, but responded well to her instruction. Since ending our time with Nicole, from longtime observation of her techniques, I have been able to work with my child more successfully one on one, using materials Nicole either provided or recommended. Nicole also gave me informal feedback on my child’s school/IEP issues when I asked. Nicole is a kind and patient person who truly cares about each student’s progress. I highly recommend Nicole Miller!

Lea W.

Nicole is amazing and my son is truly benefiting from going to her twice a week. My son was behind two grade levels and is currently catching up as fast as he can. We have seen a big difference in only 6 months that he has been with Nicole.Nicole also had my other sin in her special education class when she was in the classroom and did wonders for him also. I truly recommend having her help your child if they are struggling in anything. 

Melissa L.

My son has made amazing progress in this reading thanks to Nicole being his teacher last year and now his tutor! 

Patty T.

I met Nicole Miller while she served as the Special Day Class teacher in the Loomis Unified School District. SDC teachers do not usually case manage for non-SDC students but she volunteered to do so because she saw our son’s potential. She took objective data, advocated on his behalf, provided evidence based advice, and guided us on both how & what services could help our son. We were extremely pleased to work with her and would gladly do so again!

Mitchell & Zhanna E.