For those who are the “point me in the right direction and I’ll do the rest.” You don’t want someone speaking on your behalf. You can do that. You just need an advisor or someone that can help you navigate and translate the special education world. Educational Consulting is to assist and teach parents to become effective advocates for their child. A SPEDSA advocate will work “behind the scenes” providing you….

  • Provides insider knowledge on special education including the IEP process, services and supports available
  • Empowers and educates families (parents and students!) to strengthen their own advocacy skills
  • Represents the best interests of the student in the educational process
  • Gives expert help in understanding the 504 and special education process
  • Reviews all special education documents, including files, assessments, report cards, observation reports, ect. prior to IEP/504
  • Informs parent/guardians of their rights
  • Suggests appropriate services, programs and accommodations/modifications to meet the student’s individual needs
  • Helps organizing IEP materials
  • Assists in writing letters to the school teachers and administrators
  • Facilitates Pre and post IEP meeting planning
  • Helps in understanding what assessments to request
  • Assists with developing IEP goals and behavior support plans
  • Helps with seeing solutions to problems that may not be immediately obvious to others
  • If need arises, researches a specific legal issue or case that is pertinent to a child’s education program
  • Helps interpret the meaning of assessments and reports to parents, and explain their significance to the child’s educational needs

…and more

Do you need help with your child’s education? Schedule a FREE 30 minute call with a Special Education “insider” advocate to discuss your situation and help you create a plan for your child’s educational success.